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Permalinks-WordPress SEO

Permalinks-WordPress SEO

Permalinks-Wordpress SEO – In this introductory Video we are going to Cover; What Are SEO Permalinks, Why We should change SEO Permalink Structure after the base WordPress Install and How to Change The Permalinks so they are correctly SEO Optimized. Permalink is short for permanent link. A permalink is a URL that links to a specific news story or Web posting. Permalinks are most commonly used for blogs, which are frequently changed and updated. They give a specific Web address to each posting, allowing blog entries to be bookmarked by visitors or linked to from other websites. Permalinks should always be Keyword and SEO Optimized, so you can drive Targeted Traffic to your site or blog. After your initial WordPress installation your Permalinks are not SEO Optimized and are not Keyword rich. In fact they are just the opposite; they are a number, date, year or category. So you need to take action right after your WordPress installation. Don wait until after you have created pages or posts, because if you do change the permalink, it will break the URL address and link.
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  1. Thanks Mark, nice post full of valuable info! A question…should I assume that if I go into my WP blog and change the permalink settings as you suggest, then ALL previous posts will have their URLs changed? If so, is there a way to make those permalink settings only work for all future posts and not for past posts? Thanks!

  2. Thanks for stopping by. Answer#1: You only want to change the permalinks when you first start your blog, not after its well establishes, because you will loose URL links to pages and posts.

    Answer #2: Not natively, but there is a plugin you can use, that claims to recover links. Please note: I would not trust a plugin with all my links without testing it out first. Custom Permalinks (Plugin) Good Luck!

  3. hello mark, I did what you have instructed but it seems like there is no option “PERMALINKS” on my ‘setting’ button in my wordpress blog?… where do i find it… aside from the SETTING option, is there any way how to?….


  4. The1000Awesome

    After logging into your Dashboard, scroll down to Settings, you should see a Permalinks link just after privacy. If you do not see this link, then your WordPress installation could be corrupt since Permalinks is part of the base install. Best of Luck!

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  6. My blog links are broken & my URLs aren’t SEO optimized. I have about 75 posts with default links. Can you help me with that?

  7. I accidentally edit my permalinks.. and i cn’t remember what it is.. How can i fix this…thanks..

  8. If you are inside a single post on your WordPress blog, you will see the permalink just under the title field. If you are looking to modify the site permalink settings, it’s located under Settings then click on Permalink. For more information and Video Tutorials, please go to our main site, thanks!

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