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WordPress Posts vs Pages and SEO

How do your posts and pages compare when it comes to SEO performance? Let’s discuss. Learn how to create a successful niche website @ Learn how to create a website http Get My Latest Tips
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  1. Thanks for the info. Cute photo on the hairstyle page! By the way, I have a website with a page devoted to hair. I find that the Adsense ads pay really low for it. Can you provide insights about which of your topics get better paying ads?

  2. Same here. Beauty/hair ads don’t tend to pay well compared to other niches like business/finance/web design, etc.

  3. What is the best way to start a forum website?

  4. Hello Lisa. It’s always a pleasure to watch your videos! Could you please make a video about Alexa Traffic? I’m struggling with this. Thank you in advance.

  5. great clip, good point Lisa.

  6. You’re pretty cool… 🙂

  7. Yeah, I can use this stuff even for my music. Preciate it

    p.s. I NEVER see you on twitter anymore.

  8. U do some good videos see my movie infectiomovie2012 on YouTube

  9. Something always bugging you about others cluelessness. Cant wait to be perfect like you, thanks for the vids..

  10. Thanks!

  11. Lisa great video, I strongly agree with your point that search engines dont care if its a page or a post but what they care about is what you do with the information

  12. Do you have advice for a first timer?

  13. Thanks again for your information! I also use a good number of pages with all my websites, or I split things down in to categories and use individual blog posts within each page. I guess it really does depend on who you are catering to. It does come down to structure, blog vs static shouldn’t matter, but a Silo layout with good on page seo will do well. Thanks again for all your info!

  14. Your very pretty :)

  15. What I do not understand is if a static site is really static meaning will you not add content to it once you published it? If so in my opinion It is no longer static because the content is changing.

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  17. I find using pages for the mos important info or short tail keywords works best… furher along, the post are utilized for longer tail keywords post… hard to explain in writing so I will make a video…

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  19. Awesome explanation. Couldn’t have said it better. 🙂

  20. That happens to me all the time. In fact, 70% of my SE traffic is from long-tail keywords I wasn’t necessarily targeting.

  21. My meditation group has just put up a set of specialized guided meditations – we are looking for friends to help us test it and give feedback. Please message me if you’d be willing to participate. Thanks!

  22. Lisa I’m trying to create a website where I can have pages, blogs and membership that is quite user friendly yet content can be arranged flexibly. I went to your website palace site but I still feel lost. I thought when you signed up for a doman name you were given a website to work with as well but I’m seeing its like the domain name is a separate thing and WordPress is being addressed. How do I start from scratch?

  23. I recently just started my post and not so much of a success… Have used a little bit of everythig to try to increase or just get one visitor on to my website but no such lucky… What am I doing wrong..?

  24. one of the most helpful videos for me.
    Thanks lisa.

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